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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] New GPG key for Mike Perry

Hi Mike,

I'm writing a blog post about web of trust. I'm looking for any weaknesses I 
can find in it because I'm writing a piece of software that would be designed 
to help grow it. I'd appreciate if you could give me a few points that I can 
research. I'd be happy to send you my findings so far if you want to read them. 
This is a fairly important subject because many people rely upon it for 
software signing, encrypted e-mail, and soon we could use it much more widely.

I've read the previous thread about web of trust (tor-talk 2010 December) but 
didn't find it to be particularly relevant.


On Friday 27 September 2013 14:18:17 Mike Perry wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've finally made a new GPG key (after a scant 7 years!).
> This new key will be used to sign email from me going forward, and will
> be used to sign software releases until such time as I get around to
> creating a second set of keys on a hardware token for that purpose.
> While I dislike the Web of Trust for a number of reasons*, my plan is to
> cross-certify these two sets of new keys, and also sign both with my old
> key. Hence I will not immediately be issuing a revocation for my old
> key.
> The new key is attached, and is available on the keyservers (with a
> signature from my old key) at:
> http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x29846B3C683686CC
> Here's the fingerprint and current subkey information for reference:
> pub   8192R/29846B3C683686CC 2013-09-11
>       Key fingerprint = C963 C21D 6356 4E2B 10BB  335B 2984 6B3C 6836 86CC
> uid                          Mike Perry (Regular use key)
> <mikeperry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> sub   4096R/717F1F130E3A92E4 2013-09-11
> [expires: 2014-09-11]
> sub   4096R/A3BD8153BC40FFA0 2013-09-11 [expires: 2014-09-11]
> This message should also be signed by my previous key, which was used
> extensively to sign my email and my source code releases prior to today.
> * Ensuing flamewars about the Web of Trust should reply only to tor-talk.

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