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Re: [tor-talk] Is TOR still secure?


It's not possible to claim what is a 'normal user'. 

Tor is extremely safe to use if you want to evade passive monitoring from your network admin/ISP/Local authority such as a national government. 
Id est, it's is safe against people that only get to see your traffic from outside of your computer. 

Tor alone is not sufficiently safe if people tracking you are :
1. An elite police force, such as the American Federal Bureau. 
2. Any people eager to target you personally. (eg: plant malware in your PC)
3. Any other sufficiently funded and technically inclined adversary. 

As always it all depends on your adversary model. What is the goal you expect Tor to help you achieve ? 

Le 7 septembre 2015 17:58:14 CEST, Eren Kuyucu <sainterenkuyucu@xxxxxxxxx> a Ãcrit :
>Hello everbody.
>I readed a news about a group of computer scientist find a way to
>out hidden services real IP address.
>Do I use TOR still in rest?
>I am not running a hidden service but I wonder is that a problem for

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