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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

Mike Perry:
> If you have Bitcoin, you can buy some SMS numbers for getting out of
> this lockout without giving up your real phone number:
> http://receivesmsonline.com/buynumbers

there's a number of tricks one can use to get around an sms/voice
requirement. i'm not particularly concerned for myself in that regard.
however, for people who simply need tor to safely use twitter, and
aren't quite as technologically savvy to use something like btc or other
options, this appears to be a problem that is continuing to grow. my
account was eventually unlocked due to support responding.  however,
within the past 30 days, another lock out received no responses at all
from support, which resulted in 2 weeks worth of down time. they simply
ignored me.

> Yeah, maybe. However, once a company starts down this path, it tends to
> become entrenched beyond all rational thought. I am not optimistic that
> Twitter will be any different.
> Welcome to the Nymwars 2.0!

i agree. but it's worth a try.

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