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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

Marcin Cieslak:
> I don't have a phone number behind my Twitter account and it just
> asks me to confirm my email address.
> Not perfect, but way better.

i've never once given twitter a phone number. when it asked me for a
phone number to unlock an account, this was a new measure i hadn't
experienced before. plus, while it may be subjective ignorance on my
part, i was unaware of other users running into this problem unless they
were trying to create an account on twitter. i simply hadn't come across
a use case where a user who already had an account that was in use was
required to provide a phone number after it got locked. twitter support
did end up eventually addressing the issue. however, my experiences with
twitter support have been very hit or miss. sometimes they respond.
sometimes they simply ignore you.

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