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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

On Mon, 14 Sep 2015, Mike Perry wrote:

> Colin Mahns:
> > * Tempest <tempest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2015-09-14 00:08:44 +0000]:
> > 
> > >to sum up, twitter now appears to be desiring phone numbers from tor
> > >users in order to use their service. without feedback, i expect this
> > >will get worse. over the past 30 days, twitter has regularly locked me
> > >out and required password resets. this is the first time i've been
> > >required to provide a phone number to get my account unlocked.
> > 
> > Sadly Twitter seems to have been enforcing this over the past year[0] or
> > so, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. IIRC, Twitter tries to
> > do this in an attempt to try and curtail perceived abuse and/or trolls
> > from using Twitter as a platform, but they go about it in the worst way
> > possible.
> > 
> > The hashtag #TwitterTorLockout[1] has been used by several members of
> > the community (including devs) to voice their complaints about Twitter
> > doing this, but as you can see nothing has improved.

I don't have a phone number behind my Twitter account and it just
asks me to confirm my email address.

Not perfect, but way better.

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