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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

* Mike Perry <mikeperry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2015-09-14 20:27:34 -0700]:

If you have Bitcoin, you can buy some SMS numbers for getting out of
this lockout without giving up your real phone number:

That service also has free numbers available on their front page:
http://receivesmsonline.com/, but those are likely to already be
flagged/overused. Also, you might risk getting your account
extra-special-locked by trying to use a free one that Twitter knows

Heh, did not know about these, bookmarking in case of emergency. For
what it's worth, I think Google Voice also used to give out a free phone
number for a while, but I can't remember if they are still doing this.
It's been a few years since I've used that service.

Does anyone on this list has contacts in Twitter who might be open to
talking with the community, can you ask them to join this list? I really
would love to see this issue resolved along with my account not being
locked out.

Yeah, maybe. However, once a company starts down this path, it tends to
become entrenched beyond all rational thought. I am not optimistic that
Twitter will be any different.

I was thinking that someone might know the the equivalent of Alec
Muffet at Twitter. Someone who might be able help from the inside with
lobbying for Tor-tolerant or Tor-embracing policies at Twitter. Of
course this will still be a slow, uphill, and painful battle to try to
have someone listen...

Welcome to the Nymwars 2.0!

You can pry my nyms from my cold dead hands Mike ;)
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