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[tor-talk] tor-relay-bootstrap -- automated setup for a Tor bridge, relay, and exit

Hi all!

Wrapped up a mini-project of mine a few hours ago, which was a
re-working of Micah Lee's tor-relay-bootstrap script. The main
improvements I've added are making it work on Debian Jessie, merging in
_NSAKEY's tor-bridge-bootstrap fork, along with adding options to set up
your server to be a bridge, relay, or exit (with the appropriate
iptables rules).


I've tested the script out on a blank Jessie box I have here and can
confirm it works with all three options, but would love some additional
testing. I'm not a programmer by trade so if anyone has any ideas on how
to improve it feel free to put in an issue or pull request. I have a few
ideas that I've written down in the README file as to how I'd like to
see the script progress but would love to hear more suggestions.

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