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[tor-talk] Onionmap, a free software worldmap of Tor relays

Hi there,

Last week Luke Millanta released OnionView [1], a nice map showing the
location of all Tor relays around the world. It's not free software,
and using Google Maps doesn't really make me happy.

Few days ago I started working on a similar application. I present you


It's mostly a piece of JavaScript calling the Onionoo API, using
leaflet.js to build a map.

Onionmap doesn't have many features for now, but I plan to add:

- Filter by relay type : guard, exit
- Add cache for Onionoo data
- Other filters ? AS, BW, ...

Feel free to open features requests, issues and pull requests on Github

 [1]: https://onionview.com/
 [2]: https://github.com/opi/onionmap/

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