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Re: [tor-talk] Detritus

On 9/18/15, Lara <lara.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> paul.crable@xxxxxxx:
>> I'd like to ask individuals to take a moment to erase the detritus of
>> earlier messages before hitting "Send".  Otherwise, I'm going to get
>> carpel tunnel syndrome hitting "Page Down" to get to the meat in the
>> message.
> They simply can't. The brainpower is too low. This is what makes email
> so much more beautiful. Top reply, inability to edit even the mailing
> list signature, all these are there to help you filter up the junk. Just
> set the list to individual emails instead of digest and start adding
> emails to one long list destined to /dev/null or whatever equivalent you
> have on your system. In a few days idiots would be far fewer and further
> apart. Than you can do even nicer things like adding the nuts that pop
> around this list so often, the ones who don't have a clear idea what's
> going on, but they badly need *total* government protection in less than
> $200.

Wow - government totally protecting me, for just $200.
What a thought :D
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