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Re: [tor-talk] Detritus

> I'd like to ask individuals to take a moment to erase the detritus of
> earlier messages before hitting "Send".  Otherwise, I'm going to get
> carpel tunnel syndrome hitting "Page Down" to get to the meat in the
> message.

They simply can't. The brainpower is too low. This is what makes email
so much more beautiful. Top reply, inability to edit even the mailing
list signature, all these are there to help you filter up the junk. Just
set the list to individual emails instead of digest and start adding
emails to one long list destined to /dev/null or whatever equivalent you
have on your system. In a few days idiots would be far fewer and further
apart. Than you can do even nicer things like adding the nuts that pop
around this list so often, the ones who don't have a clear idea what's
going on, but they badly need *total* government protection in less than


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