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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

XiaoLan (åè):
> use virtual phone number to verify...
> 1. register a free trial virtual phone number and forward to SIP
> 2. use this phone number to register Google Voice
> 3. use google voice number to active Twitter account...

the problem with such a solution is that it will be overly complex for
twitter users who need tor. google is not exactly tor friendly either
when it comes to creating an account.  plus, without taking steps with a
properly configured vm set up, registering for the free number and
forwarding it to a sip provider would likely result in them breaking
their anonymity.

i'm not concerned for my account. using a variation on the method
described above, i can get around it easy enough. my concern is
twitter's new systematic approach that seems to be locking a number of
twitter accounts over the past 37 days. people shouldn't have to use a
complicated sip chain just to continue using twitter with tor.

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