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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

XiaoLan (åè):
> Twitter uses IP address as a factor to detect "abnormal activities" just
> like Google sometimes gives us some CAPTCHA...maybe we need more exit nodes

i believe that is the issue, which is why i find their recent public
comments over the past 7 days about how "twitter is not targeting tor"
to be either entirely dishonest spin at worst, or proof of a rushed
security model with an ignorant understanding of its implications at
best.  for the users i've communicated with since i brought this up who
have been experiencing issues, they've simply been using the tor browser
to connect to twitter and post. twitter is apparently viewing this as
activity which is similar to a spambot. since they told
isis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx that they fixed the issue, it's apparent that they
need to continue working on this, as it is still broken.

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