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Re: [tor-talk] tor + twitter issues

> Maybe this is a good opportunity to invite people to Diaspora again.
> It's still not perfect, but it's running for something like 5 years now
> without major glitches and is only getting better.
> It is tor-friendly (some admins even run relays and exits) and not
> censorable in whole (admins of a Diaspora instance can take measures,
> though, to block posts from another pod or a specific user).

i whole heartedly agree and i am considering including diaspora
instructions in a guide i work on in the near future. i am entirely
sympathetic to twitter's frustration with bots that use tor for purposes
that conflict with their terms of service. however, their recent
approach to dealing with that is simply ensnaring too many users who,
upon a cursory glance at their time line, are clearly not bots. rather,
they are simply using tor, which twitter can distinguish by the
connection logs. thus, i am increasingly unsatisfied with twitter's
response that they "aren't targeting tor users." while this may have a
modicum of truth to it, they clearly aren't doing enough to protect tor
users either, and have adopted a solution that uses a nuclear bomb,
rather than a fly swatter, to deal with spambots. the fact remains that
their recent changes in security procedures have made it increasingly
difficult for average tor users to maintain a presence on twitter.
meanwhile, some diaspora pods are going as far as offering onion
services. twitter needs to get its act together since, over the past 37
days, the shortest response time i've had for their mistaken security
protocol took 12 hours. the longest took 2 weeks, where twitter support
had simply given up on responding to me and i sorted it by changing an
email address associated with my account, which is pretty much a joke
security mechanism in the first place.

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