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Re: [tor-talk] How can I speed up my Tor connection?

Hey thanks a lot Mike!

On 09/20/2015 02:43 AM, Mike Perry wrote:
> B:
>> If you're connection is really slow you can exit out of the TBB and then
>> reopen Tor.  Doing this will establish a new relay when it loads while
>> potentially establishing a faster relay.
> Restarting TBB is equivalent to the Tor onion menu option "New
> Identity". On a per-site basis, it is also equivalent to "New Tor
> Circuit for this site".
> The main performance pain point for Tor these days is that some Guard
> nodes (the entry into the Tor network) are overloaded. 
> Unfortunately, because we both reduced the number of guard nodes from 3
> to 1 and also simultaneously increased the Guard lifetime from 1 to 3
> months, this problem has gotten much much worse. This means that some
> people who install TBB chose a slow guard node, and are stuck with it
> for months.
> The only way to fix it is to remove your tor state file (in
> ./Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/state on Linux), or reinstall a fresh TBB.
> If you pick a fast guard, the experience overall will be much better.
> You can also try to specify a Tor bridge from
> https://bridges.torproject.org/, even if you are not a censored user. In
> many cases, these bridges will be faster than our overloaded guard
> nodes, since almost no one is able to successfully configure and use
> bridges these days (unfortunately, censorship circumvention maintenance
> and usability is not a priority for our current sponsors, but this does
> have some benefits for those precious few who can figure it out).

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