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Re: [tor-talk] How can I speed up my Tor connection?

> If you're connection is really slow you can exit out of the TBB and then
> reopen Tor.  Doing this will establish a new relay when it loads while
> potentially establishing a faster relay.

Restarting TBB is equivalent to the Tor onion menu option "New
Identity". On a per-site basis, it is also equivalent to "New Tor
Circuit for this site".

The main performance pain point for Tor these days is that some Guard
nodes (the entry into the Tor network) are overloaded. 

Unfortunately, because we both reduced the number of guard nodes from 3
to 1 and also simultaneously increased the Guard lifetime from 1 to 3
months, this problem has gotten much much worse. This means that some
people who install TBB chose a slow guard node, and are stuck with it
for months.

The only way to fix it is to remove your tor state file (in
./Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/state on Linux), or reinstall a fresh TBB.

If you pick a fast guard, the experience overall will be much better.

You can also try to specify a Tor bridge from
https://bridges.torproject.org/, even if you are not a censored user. In
many cases, these bridges will be faster than our overloaded guard
nodes, since almost no one is able to successfully configure and use
bridges these days (unfortunately, censorship circumvention maintenance
and usability is not a priority for our current sponsors, but this does
have some benefits for those precious few who can figure it out).

Mike Perry

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