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[tor-talk] Please help us...


I am an Admin for a message board in the UK. We have a non-registration policy to allow free and open discussion about matters related to our football club, it has served us well in the past to keep the club in business and helps maintain transparency.

Our admin roles call for us to periodically remove posts or ban user ips if they have broken our message board rules (not that we have many).

That is all we can do - remove posts and ban ip ranges.

This all normally works OK, however we have a recent particularly nasty individual that is constantly posting vile, racist, violent messages. The person is constantly changing ip and repeatedly posting material that is highly offensive and illegal.

If you want an example of these abusive messages let me know, they usually contain descriptions of torture or death for particular ethnic or religious groups, it is exceedingly strange and nasty. We have no idea why they are targeting our football club message board.

They are using tor services to generate their multiple ips. Recent exit nodes ips (is that the right terminology?) used on the 27/09/2015 have included:

They use many, many more ips to post the abuse, this is just a small selection.

I have sent similar emails to the 'abuse' email address I have been able to find for these ip networks, will they be able to help us?

I don't fully understand how your system for anonymity works, however I do understand why such a system is needed, there are many regions and people in the work who need anonymous access to communication.

However, our current problem individual is using your services to perpetrate the very oppressive, abusive behaviour that your system is designed to help fight. Please let me know if there is anything you can do.

Thank you,

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