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Re: [tor-talk] p2p(skype and other VOIP) blocked in .UZ

> Am 14. September 2015 09:11:19 MESZ, schrieb Griffin Boyce 
> >   For video chatting, I like using Talky.io .

On Monday 14 September 2015 09:41 Elrippo wrote:
> Why don't you use the Firefox built in Videochat and run that over a local
> Tor instance?

talky.io is one of the many reconnaissance sites for WebRTC, which is exactly 
what that built-in video chat is. But it is deanonymizing to its core, so it 
is disabled hard in Tor Browser.

I heard Tox can be used over TCP only, which would allow its usage over Tor: 
https://tox.chat (formerly tox.im, but that domain belongs to a person which 
is not trusted anymore).


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