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Re: [tor-talk] Making TBB undetectable!

>Can't TBB devs just patch in a hardcoded 1366x768 window and screen size
>in the javascript handler?

Anonymity for Tor devs is a priority and they don't like give
different browser fingerprints to their users  because that plan makes
Tor users in each web service more unique as very few people actually
use Tor at each website, however uniqueness of user won't deanonymize
it right away, it depends on using same unique fingerprint on another
webservice that will confess user's identity and let attacker link the
pseudonymous identity to a real identity that used same browser

An optional tool that allows users temporarily make their TBB
undetectable whenever they need doesn't hurt anonymity of Tor network
at all.

I believe writing a browser Add-on that contains several common
profiles (desktop tablet and mobile configurations) or let users
manually define what their browser should return in response to data
requests, would be ridiculously easy.

And there is no need to wait for Tor developers to build such a
tool/guide, any third party can help.

>Also, if you want true undetectability you need to install a Tor
>instance and your OS for TBB in seperate VMs and setup the Tor VM to be
>a transparent router for your OS, so even if java/flash/exploit is
>executed, it doesn't leak your real IP, since even your OS in the VM is
>forced through Tor.

No I don't talk about anonymity, I'm asking to fix detectability.
destination website shouldn't be able to detect user is using TBB,
some people think only problematic guys use TBB and Detecting it cause
a lots of problems in different scenarios (in my own case, for some
reasons i'm worry about QUANTUM_INSERT like programs that can
automatically attack me if they think i'm a suspicious user)

And there is no need to play flash/java in the game, lots of ordinary
people are uninstalling those malware-vectore plugins. Java is dead
and flash has to die, too.
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