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[tor-talk] Any users of FlashProxy, any servers?

On 8/31/16, Kenneth Freeman <kencf0618@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Flash proxy may be of some utility here

Being not outside the tor ecosystem it's not really something all
that different to explore (regarding topics of the other thread).

It's basically a pluggable transport with unique 'nodes as middleware'
function to get around otherwise need for direct bridge or relay connection.

> although to the best of my
> knowledge it is not in wide use.

On the other hand, yes there should be some way to gauge...

a) if any users use or need to use flash proxies as a client.
b) if there are any flash proxy 'servers' running out there,
or alternative facilitators.

So if either of those describe you, speak up.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_proxy

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