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Re: [tor-talk] New Document: Building a "Proof of Concept" Onion Site

As I understand, Onion websites are for website owners who wish to be anonymous. If an owner of an Onion website published a similar HTTP website, that owner pretty deanonymized himself/herself via the IP address, the domain name, etc, of the HTTP website. The same applies if you replace "a HTTP website" with "a social network account where you advertise the Onion website."

On 17.09.16 23:50, Alec Muffett wrote:
One of the questions I get asked lots is "How [do I] set up a Onion site to
be an Onion equivalent to my [normal WWW website]?"

Some people call these "onion mirrors" or "onion copies" of [a website] -
but I feel that those are narrow, perjorative and incorrect descriptions.

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