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Re: [tor-talk] New Document: Building a "Proof of Concept" Onion Site

not exactly; i for example  would love to run a few local clearnet
services as a worldwide torservice, and i don't need to stay anonym.
and one could argue that you help your users avoid bad exits, because
they don't need a real exit node AFAIK.


On 16-09-20 15:01:41, me@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Offtopic.
> As I understand, Onion websites are for website owners who wish to be
> anonymous. If an owner of an Onion website published a similar HTTP website,
> that owner pretty deanonymized himself/herself via the IP address, the
> domain name, etc, of the HTTP website. The same applies if you replace "a
> HTTP website" with "a social network account where you advertise the Onion
> website."
> On 17.09.16 23:50, Alec Muffett wrote:
> >One of the questions I get asked lots is "How [do I] set up a Onion site to
> >be an Onion equivalent to my [normal WWW website]?"
> >
> >Some people call these "onion mirrors" or "onion copies" of [a website] -
> >but I feel that those are narrow, perjorative and incorrect descriptions.
> -- 

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