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Re: [tor-talk] is it me or did tor talk get really quiet?

Conspiracy analysts [un]cover areas coders, users, officials, and
media don't or won't... which can be a useful part of any ecosystem.
They could be considered leakers, but instead of leaking facts,
they present hard questions to be [dis]proved... the limbo area of
untested hypothesis before a proven conclusion is reached. So I
don't mind them much as long as it's generally thoughtful, plausible,
and is a commensurately low fraction of traffic.

The angry abusive troll accounts that pop up namecalling and
shittalking are a bit much though. Thankfully they're quite rare
and die off on their own, even before censorship was deployed.

And of course any news or controversial aspect of any project is
going to have at least some talk associated with it. That's normal.
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