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Re: [tor-talk] is it me or did tor talk get really quiet?

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 10:47 PM, Andrew F <andrewfriedman101@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I ued to get several post a day.  Now I get less then a couple a week?

No it's not just you. Ever since Jakegate / Torgate Tor Project
Incorporated has seemingly enforced lockdown, censorship, and
comms hardening, beginning with their own silence and that of those
they control. A chilling effect. Not helped at all by simple requests
for transparency gone completely ignored by corporate principals in
position to answer...
Further complicated by Tor being shown to be not exactly strong
against GPA's, certain other classes of attack, financing, etc.
So the whole thing perhaps backfired over a few months to where
people now feel they can't post freely to peers and/or just don't
care to post anymore.
At least that's one theory I've heard to explain the quiet.
Feel free to suggest or show others.
Don't get me wrong, tor and the project are really awesome
in particular areas and totally worth following [1], just that some
talk I've seen seems feeling the blanket pass to all areas has come
and gone. Is that true and good or bad? I don't know. You'd
probably have to look at the history of opensource projects,
reasonably in the public interest, to determine that. And then
talk about it to see further.

[1] For example, multiplatform, great at hiding traffic content
and sources from casual intermediate observers, exits
all over the first world, fast, reproducible, pushing some legal
boundaries, publishing research for review, etc.
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