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Re: [tor-talk] is it me or did tor talk get really quiet?

grarpamp wrote:
On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 10:47 PM, Andrew F <andrewfriedman101@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I ued to get several post a day.  Now I get less then a couple a week?

No it's not just you. Ever since Jakegate / Torgate Tor Project
Incorporated has seemingly enforced lockdown, censorship, and
comms hardening, beginning with their own silence and that of those
they control. A chilling effect. Not helped at all by simple requests
for transparency gone completely ignored by corporate principals in
position to answer...

Tor-talk may not be as active as it once was but it is more active than
the OP is describing.  My inbox shows 40 posts in the last seven days.
Admittedly 15 of those  were from somebody who generated duplicate posts
because of technical difficulties, but even 25/week appears to be more
than the OP described.

Maybe the OP should check his spam folder?  He may also want to visit
the tor-talk archives to compare it to what he has been receiving.


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