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Re: [tor-talk] is it me or did tor talk get really quiet?

We gotta kick it online/make it More active then, we fight fire with fire , if someone wants censorship we defeat them with crypto, code and other Nice stuff

grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: (18 september 2016 05:30:07 CEST)
>On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 10:47 PM, Andrew F
><andrewfriedman101@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I ued to get several post a day.  Now I get less then a couple a
>No it's not just you. Ever since Jakegate / Torgate Tor Project
>Incorporated has seemingly enforced lockdown, censorship, and
>comms hardening, beginning with their own silence and that of those
>they control. A chilling effect. Not helped at all by simple requests
>for transparency gone completely ignored by corporate principals in
>position to answer...
>Further complicated by Tor being shown to be not exactly strong
>against GPA's, certain other classes of attack, financing, etc.
>So the whole thing perhaps backfired over a few months to where
>people now feel they can't post freely to peers and/or just don't
>care to post anymore.
>At least that's one theory I've heard to explain the quiet.
>Feel free to suggest or show others.
>Don't get me wrong, tor and the project are really awesome
>in particular areas and totally worth following [1], just that some
>talk I've seen seems feeling the blanket pass to all areas has come
>and gone. Is that true and good or bad? I don't know. You'd
>probably have to look at the history of opensource projects,
>reasonably in the public interest, to determine that. And then
>talk about it to see further.
>[1] For example, multiplatform, great at hiding traffic content
>and sources from casual intermediate observers, exits
>all over the first world, fast, reproducible, pushing some legal
>boundaries, publishing research for review, etc.
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Sincerly Flipchan
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