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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and Google error / CAPTCHAs.

Joe Btfsplk:
> On 9/26/2016 11:57 PM, Jeremy Rand wrote:
>> If it matters, I usually have Tor Browser in Medium-High security level,
>> so Javascript is enabled for HTTPS sites (including Google Translate).
>> Cheers,
>> -Jeremy
> Yep, mine can be in Med or Med High security, and a lot of captcha's &
> other features don't work reliably.  Even if allow all scripts for the
> page.
> Sometimes it does work.
> The times - as a test - I immediately visited the same sites w/ firefox
> (immediately going to same site probably isn't a good idea, if strict
> anonymity is required) & same NoScript settings -AFAIK, plus had AdBlock
> and / or Ghostery running, the captchas or page features usually worked
> right away.  I'm convinced that sometimes, it's just Tor Browser they
> don't like, or certain countries of exit relay, or certain IPa ranges. 
> I've repeated it enough to know it's not a fluke.
> For a fact, I know it's mostly *not* because I incorrectly solved the
> captcha, which they often say.
> Sometimes, they start renewing pictures in the array that I've already
> checked, before I get to the end & submit.  I tried doing it faster -
> they replaced them faster.
> Obvious they didn't want Tor users on those types of sites.

For me, I cannot remember getting a CAPTCHA when visiting Google
Translate via Tor Browser in Medium-High security mode.  If it's ever
happened, it was many, many months ago.  In contrast, almost every time
I try to do a Google Search, I get a CAPTCHA (and if I try to complete
the CAPTCHA, I usually fail many times).

So I'm rather surprised to hear that other Tor Browser users are having
trouble with Google Translate.  Admittedly, I'm not a heavy user of
Google Translate, but it sounded like hikki was saying that they were
always blocked, which doesn't match my experience at all.

I'm really curious if there's some other interesting variable that could
explain the discrepancy that we're not thinking of.  But given that Tor
Browser is intended to be non-fingerprintable, I'd think there shouldn't
be any such variables.



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