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Re: [tor-talk] Tor users in US up by nearly 100,000 this month

Roger Dingledine writes:

> Asking Cloudflare how many people are deciding to solve their captchas
> today is measuring a different thing -- if I try to load a news article,
> see a cloudflare captcha, and say "aw, fuck cloudflare, oh well" and
> move on, am I a bot?

I'm just figuring that you can get useful relative rather than absolute
metrics if you assume that people's tendency to do this is relatively
stable across time and across user populations.  So you don't know how
many of the non-solvers are bots, but you can say that the solvers are
up 10% this month or something, which perhaps then suggests that non-bot
Tor users are up about 10% this month.

This still wouldn't reveal whether 60% or 95% of the non-solvers are

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