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Re: [tor-talk] hidden service - for dummies ?


First of all, I'm writing this for Linux as I don't know IIS and I've
never used apache on Windows. Use any Linux distro that you want listed
below. I do not recommend Tails as it is not meant for web servers.

OK, so there are two parts.  1. Set up tor. 2. set up your web server.

Part 1: Install tor.  

$ sudo zypper in tor (opensuse)
$ sudo apt-get install tor (debian/ubuntu/mint)
$ sudo yum install tor (fedora)

Edit the /etc/tor/torrc file.

$ sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc

Uncomment the following lines:

#HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
#HiddenServicePort 80

Restart tor

$ sudo systemctl enable tor && sudo systemctl start tor

Get your new onion name

$ sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Part 2: Set up a web server.

$ sudo zypper in apache2 (opensuse)
$ sudo apt-get install apache2 (debian/ubuntu/mint)
$ sudo yum install httpd (fedora)

Create the files for your very basic website in:

/srv/www/htdocs (opensuse)
/var/www/html (everything else)

Finally enable and start apache.

$ sudo systemctl enable httpd && sudo systemctl start httpd (fedora)
$ sudo systemctl enable apache2 && sudo systemctl start apache2
(everything else)

You now have a very very basic onion site. It is not secured beyond the
protections that tor inherently provides.

I think is about as "for dummies" as it can be without someone
scripting it beforehand. 

On Tue, 2017-09-26 at 17:21 -0400, Muppet96 wrote:
> Hi,
> today my colleague told me that he would like to start to write some
> kind of blog and publish it in the tor network. Because I`m not use
> to say people that I`m using TOR Network, I answered that I simply do
> not know how its working and who can help him.
> My colleague is very good journalist but he doesnt have any ITtpd
> experience. Every day at work he using some kind of CMS system where
> he is able to start publishing new articles and so on and so on.
> Unfortunately as a real normal user (as far as I know) without an IT
> knowledge, he will not be able to publish his articles in the tor
> network on his own hidden service. Please correct me if I am wrong...
> I know many people with small IT experience which a running relay
> nodes. This is quite easy process to build new relay. Unfortunately,
> building of the hidden service portal seems to be that part of the
> knowledge reserved to the masters of IT.. 
> Is there any free distro like (tails) with a possibility to build TOR
> Hidden Service in minutes to start publishing html pages ? Distro,
> first of al which can be easily installed/booted by the user with low
> IT skills ? Distro which will have a properly compiled secure HTTP
> server with some kind of CMS System ?
> Does any one could support / advice here ?
> Greetz
> Muppet96
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