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[tor-talk] hidden service - for dummies ?


today my colleague told me that he would like to start to write some kind of blog and publish it in the tor network. Because I`m not use to say people that I`m using TOR Network, I answered that I simply do not know how its working and who can help him.

My colleague is very good journalist but he doesnt have any IT experience. Every day at work he using some kind of CMS system where he is able to start publishing new articles and so on and so on. Unfortunately as a real normal user (as far as I know) without an IT knowledge, he will not be able to publish his articles in the tor network on his own hidden service. Please correct me if I am wrong...

I know many people with small IT experience which a running relay nodes. This is quite easy process to build new relay. Unfortunately, building of the hidden service portal seems to be that part of the knowledge reserved to the masters of IT.

Is there any free distro like (tails) with a possibility to build TOR Hidden Service in minutes to start publishing html pages ? Distro which can be easily installed/booted by the user with low IT skills ? Distro which will have a properly compiled secure HTTP server with some kind of CMS System ?

Does any one could support / advice here ?



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