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Re: [tor-talk] Obfsproxy question


> Why run both?

Basically, I would like to have only ports 80 and 443 open. On 443 will
be TLS encrypted traffic (but in fact HTTPS website and OpenVPN), while
on port 80 will be HTML traffic (while in fact plain HTTP site and
obfuscated VPN).

Now, my problem is, that OpenVPN traffic could be distinguished from
HTTPS traffic with deep packet inspection.

I could avoid that by "wrapping" all communication in Stunnel, but the
problem is then with the clients. Clients are various devices, including
Android phones and iPhones.

So  in order to enable various clients to use VPN, I agree to use "fake
obfuscation" on 443 port.

But there are some clients who cannot connect to the uncensored Internet
at all. They of course would be highly motivated to use some Linux
distribution with additional software packages. And for them will be
port 80.



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