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Re: [tor-talk] alt-svc supported by TBB

On 2018-09-18 21:17, TNT BOM BOM wrote:
thats nice, but doesnt look akward that the company who blocked Tor and
had that arguements (back then) , went all of a sudden to help Tor? do i
expect the holy ghost democraciz their brains and get the demon of
blocking free internet out from them? i dunno but its for sure
suspecious. but on the same time if they really want to help Tor users
then thats a good sign. (ofcourse that doesnt mean cloudflare dns safe ,
nor im supporting to register any website in their services. just saying
its a good step if they are as they are saying).

I don't really think Cloudflare was ever intentionally actively hostile to Tor users, but rather it was an unintended consequence of how they attempted to separate legitimate vs malicious traffic. The reality is that Tor exits emit both legitimate and malicious traffic, and TBB users are (by design) indistinguishable from each other by typical browser fingerprinting techniques, so Cloudflare had no obvious way to separate malicious vs legitimate requests.

For some time Cloudflare has made it easy for site operators to whitelist Tor exits (noting that this means site operators absorb the abuse rather than Cloudflare blocking it, and also noting that only a tiny fraction of site operations actually do this), they also put effort into Privacy Pass (a way to reduce the negative impact without giving up privacy).

Could they have done more, better, or sooner? Maybe. But alt-svc wasn't supported by TBB until 8.0, and Cloudflare was quick to take advantage of it for the benefit of Tor users, that's worth noting.

More importantly though, even if your belief is that Cloudflare was previously actively hostile toward Tor, isn't a corporation changing their stance a good thing? Isn't a pivot toward being accepting of users who want more privacy than usual a good thing for both regular users and Tor users?
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