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Re: [tor-talk] torbrowser login problems, no cookies set, other. trac.torproject

Hmm.  I'm a bit surprised no one's said either, "/works great for me/," or "/I have similar, or other problems" with TBB 8 and noscript 10./ I've seen a number of non tor-talk / torproject comments of similar problems.

Maybe it's just no one reading tor-talk ATM, has experience w/ my specific issues or (like me) has no "fixes" to suggest - which is OK.

On 09/19/2018 06:40 PM, Joe wrote:
If anyone can give insight, or several users each give a useful tip, I'd
appreciate it.  I'm burned out on NS v10 issues.

In Linux, TBB 8 with noscript is giving problems, loading
content and/ or logging into sites.
There are several sites that haven't worked right since NS 10.x (latest
.1.9.6) & TBB v8.  No matter what settings, or if ALL NS settings are

I installed SAME version NS in *Firefox 60.1 esr*.  Checked that the
"Trusted" mode in NS had same settings checked in TBB & Fx.

In TBB, I can log into trac, but loading another page (e.g. view
tickets), trac apparently sees no cookie & tells me I'm not logged in.
Trac displays messages, "Missing or invalid form token. Do you have
cookies enabled?"
"SEARCH_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation. You
don't have the required permissions."

In TBB Prefs / Privacy settings, cookies are blocked, BUT exceptions are
set to allow session cookies on both https://torproject.org &
...trac.torproject..., and many other sites.
Disabling NS in TBB, restarting & reloading trac site - same problems.

So TBB SHOULD be allowing session cookies - it's not. This has always
worked , but we didn't have NS quantum.
Again, it's not JUST torproject site w/ a problem loading content or
logging in under TBB 8 & NS 10.xxx.

In Firefox 60.1 esr w/ NS 10.x, I have same NS settings as in TBB. The
same "cookies blocked" in preferences.
For sites w/ session cookie exceptions, I can NOT SEE cookies listed in
Fx Prefs / Manage Data - just a blank screen.
But in Fx 60, R click on any site's - "page info" - that has session
cookie exceptions stored in Fx, then I see the cookies names & content.

issue 1: Those cookies aren't visible in Fx 60 w/ NS 10.x, under Privacy
- "manage data", (formerly "show cookies").  But are visible viewing the
page info> Security tab.

issue 2: Even on some sites not requiring cookies to "work," TBB v8 & NS
v10 are having problems displaying some sites correctly, or at all.
Where the same sites will usually work in Fx 60 w/ NS v10 (same settings
as in TBB), whether cookies are needed or not for the site to work.

issue 3: In Fx 60 w/ NS 10, when restart in safe mode w/ (the only)
addon disabled, suddenly any set cookies NOW ARE visible in
Prefs>Privacy>Cookies> Manage Data.
At least in Fx 60, it appears NS 10 is what's preventing set cookies
from being visible under Privacy > Manage Data (but WERE visible under a
site's Page Info>Privacy tab - even w/ NS installed). Therefore, likely
the same NS issue in TBB.

issue 4: In TBB, I uninstalled (not just disabled) NS and restarted.  No
change.  Disabled HTTPS everywhere & restated - logged into trac.
Same message "Missing or invalid form token. Do you have cookies
enabled?" But there are NO errors or warnings (now) in web console.

So removing NS 10 in Firefox 60esr FIXED problems of not being able to
see cookies in Fx Privacy UI.
** I ALSO compared all cookie prefs in about:config for Fx 60 vs. TBB 8.
They were all identical.  I don't think any cookie prefs were present in
one browser but not the other.

I've read the several NS 10 tutorials that NoScript's site or AMO page
link. I think I understand it - especially if using same settings in
both browsers.
I don't think there's ANY NS v10 setting that should *prevent seeing
cookies* in both TBB & Firefox.
The most important is, sites that don't work at all in TBB (with or w/o
cookies), often do work in Fx 60 w/ SAME settings as TBB 8 and NS.

Personally, NS 10 may be "Not Ready For Prime Time" under TBB 8. TBB -
itself moving to Fx quantum may not be ready.

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