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Re: [tor-talk] torbrowser login problems, no cookies set, other. trac.torproject

works great :)

> Hmm.  I'm a bit surprised no one's said either, "/works great for me/,"
> or "/I have similar, or other problems" with TBB 8 and noscript 10./
> I've seen a number of non tor-talk / torproject comments of similar
> problems.
> Maybe it's just no one reading tor-talk ATM, has experience w/ my
> specific issues or (like me) has no "fixes" to suggest - which is OK.
> On 09/19/2018 06:40 PM, Joe wrote:
>> If anyone can give insight, or several users each give a useful tip, I'd
>> appreciate it.  I'm burned out on NS v10 issues.
>> In Linux, TBB 8 with noscript is giving problems, loading
>> content and/ or logging into sites.
>> There are several sites that haven't worked right since NS 10.x (latest
>> .1.9.6) & TBB v8.  No matter what settings, or if ALL NS settings are
>> allowed.
>> I installed SAME version NS in *Firefox 60.1 esr*.  Checked that the
>> "Trusted" mode in NS had same settings checked in TBB & Fx.
>> In TBB, I can log into trac, but loading another page (e.g. view
>> tickets), trac apparently sees no cookie & tells me I'm not logged in.
>> Trac displays messages, "Missing or invalid form token. Do you have
>> cookies enabled?"
>> "SEARCH_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation. You
>> don't have the required permissions."
>> In TBB Prefs / Privacy settings, cookies are blocked, BUT exceptions are
>> set to allow session cookies on both https://torproject.org &
>> ...trac.torproject..., and many other sites.
>> Disabling NS in TBB, restarting & reloading trac site - same problems.
>> So TBB SHOULD be allowing session cookies - it's not. This has always
>> worked , but we didn't have NS quantum.
>> Again, it's not JUST torproject site w/ a problem loading content or
>> logging in under TBB 8 & NS 10.xxx.
>> In Firefox 60.1 esr w/ NS 10.x, I have same NS settings as in TBB. The
>> same "cookies blocked" in preferences.
>> For sites w/ session cookie exceptions, I can NOT SEE cookies listed in
>> Fx Prefs / Manage Data - just a blank screen.
>> But in Fx 60, R click on any site's - "page info" - that has session
>> cookie exceptions stored in Fx, then I see the cookies names & content.
>> issue 1: Those cookies aren't visible in Fx 60 w/ NS 10.x, under Privacy
>> - "manage data", (formerly "show cookies").  But are visible viewing the
>> page info> Security tab.
>> issue 2: Even on some sites not requiring cookies to "work," TBB v8 & NS
>> v10 are having problems displaying some sites correctly, or at all.
>> Where the same sites will usually work in Fx 60 w/ NS v10 (same settings
>> as in TBB), whether cookies are needed or not for the site to work.
>> issue 3: In Fx 60 w/ NS 10, when restart in safe mode w/ (the only)
>> addon disabled, suddenly any set cookies NOW ARE visible in
>> Prefs>Privacy>Cookies> Manage Data.
>> At least in Fx 60, it appears NS 10 is what's preventing set cookies
>> from being visible under Privacy > Manage Data (but WERE visible under a
>> site's Page Info>Privacy tab - even w/ NS installed). Therefore, likely
>> the same NS issue in TBB.
>> issue 4: In TBB, I uninstalled (not just disabled) NS and restarted.  No
>> change.  Disabled HTTPS everywhere & restated - logged into trac.
>> Same message "Missing or invalid form token. Do you have cookies
>> enabled?" But there are NO errors or warnings (now) in web console.
>> So removing NS 10 in Firefox 60esr FIXED problems of not being able to
>> see cookies in Fx Privacy UI.
>> ** I ALSO compared all cookie prefs in about:config for Fx 60 vs. TBB 8.
>> They were all identical.  I don't think any cookie prefs were present in
>> one browser but not the other.
>> I've read the several NS 10 tutorials that NoScript's site or AMO page
>> link. I think I understand it - especially if using same settings in
>> both browsers.
>> I don't think there's ANY NS v10 setting that should *prevent seeing
>> cookies* in both TBB & Firefox.
>> The most important is, sites that don't work at all in TBB (with or w/o
>> cookies), often do work in Fx 60 w/ SAME settings as TBB 8 and NS.
>> Personally, NS 10 may be "Not Ready For Prime Time" under TBB 8. TBB -
>> itself moving to Fx quantum may not be ready.
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