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[tor-talk] Launched: Next Generation OONI Explorer!


Today, the OONI team is thrilled to announce the public launch of the
revamped, next generation OONI Explorer!

Access the new OONI Explorer here: https://explorer.ooni.org/

Learn all about the next generation OONI Explorer here:

OONI Explorer is an open data resource on internet censorship around the

Since 2012, OONI Probe users (https://ooni.io/install/) have contributed
280 million measurements from more than 17,000 networks in 233 countries
-- all of which are available on OONI Explorer. And every day, OONI
Explorer gets updated with new measurements from around the world!

Our goal with the revamp is to improve OONI Explorer's usability and to
support more advanced search functionalities in order to simplify and
enable the process of exploring measurements and discovering censorship

With the new OONI Explorer Search Tool, you can filter measurements to view:

* Confirmed blocked websites

* Websites whose testing presented anomalies

* Measurements collected on different networks (i.e. filter based on ASN)

With the new OONI Explorer Country Pages, you can:

* Gain an overview of internet censorship in each country (based on OONI

* View the most recently confirmed blocked sites

* View the average speed and performance of tested networks

* Check whether Tor is blocked

* View charts with detailed stats on measurement coverage

* Compare internet censorship, speed and performance, across networks
within each country

We encourage you to dig through OONI Explorer measurements and to
uncover evidence of internet censorship worldwide!

We thank OONI Probe users for contributing measurements, we thank
community members for participating in usability studies and for sharing
feedback for the improvement of OONI Explorer, and we thank Mozilla for
supporting the revamp of OONI Explorer (via Mozilla Open Source Support).

Please share the new OONI Explorer with your networks.

Warm thanks,

~ OONI team.

Maria Xynou
Research & Partnerships Director
Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)
PGP Key Fingerprint: 2DC8 AFB6 CA11 B552 1081 FBDE 2131 B3BE 70CA 417E

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