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[tor-talk] Fwd: Heads up: Orfox "RIP" EOL is coming, moving to TBA!

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Subject: 	Heads up: Orfox "RIP" EOL is coming, moving to TBA!
Date: 	Mon, 2 Sep 2019 22:16:31 -0400
From: 	Nathan of Guardian <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organisation: 	Guardian Project
To: 	Guardian Dev <guardian-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

We will be officially announcing the end of Orfox this week, by
releasing a final update to the 1.2 million active users of Orfox on
Google Play and F-Droid. We haven't kept Orfox up to date with Firefox
or Tor Browser fixes, so we must bring it to a forced end. Besides, TBA
is looking good and working great, so anyone who wants Tor Browser on
Android should use it.

This "OrfoxRIP" app will replace the existing Orfox app:

If you have Orfox still installed, please try installing it over what
you have, and let me know if you have any issues.

Download the APK:

Otherwise, you can see the discussion and design work on this ticket:



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