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[tor-talk] Discover and move your coins by yourself - Browser version released

Please see https://github.com/Ayms/bitcoin-transactions this is a merge
of former bitcoin-transactions and bitcoin-wallets nodejs modules and is
now a secure standalone offline js webapp inside browsers:

It is financed by NLnet via EU Horizon 2020 Next Generation Internet
Search and Discovery call

So the initial dev fees have been removed and the code is now open
source and provided in clear under a MIT license

The intent is to provide all the necessary tools for anybody to discover
and manage their coins, as well as making transactions by themselves,
without having to sync a full node or as an alternative to wallets when
people don't understand where their coins are (we saw quite a lot of
confusion for people not understanding at all how to find their coins
and to what keys their addresses did relate in case of multisig, segwit
and now bech32)

It's somewhere bitcoin-cli outside of bitcoin core more easy to use and
not restricted to its own wallet, available for any bitcoin based coins

It's not a remake of iancoleman's tool but of course some features
overlap, as well as for other existing tools, we did extend all of this
inside one tool with no limitations (for example some tools do not
accept "invalid" bip39 seeds, or bip32 seeds, etc)

Summary of features for any bitcoin based coin:

- create transactions

- decode transactions

- verify transactions

- convert/map addresses (including bech32)

- create/map wallets (bip32,39,44, etc), wallets recovery (missing/wrong
words) and check

- decode/create multisig redeem scripts

- pubkey/privkey mapping , conversion and formats

- sign/verify messages

Comments/suggestions and forwarding to relevant places/lists welcome

Next project funded the same way is to release in clear and open source
node-Tor (https://github.com/Ayms/node-Tor) in ~2 months, a javascript
implementation of the Tor protocol on server side and inside browsers

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