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[tor-talk] Dangers of using Tor in censored countries

Using Tor in a censored country can have numerous consequences for a
user dependent the location. If (1) A person (non-activist) uses Tor in
a censored country, (2) the user has no knowledge that they are using
Tor. Is there really much danger for those people? I'm not sure if it
would make sense to expend human resources to hunt down/punish every
person that uses Tor? However, even something as innocuous as visiting
the Linux Journal can draw attention in an "democratic" country.


Now, you could say it would be to dangerous if even 1 person was
targeted JUST for using Tor. But you could also say its to dangerous to
cross the street even if 1 person get hit by a bus doing so. I
understand this has previously been discussed in great length. But there
has never been any consensus on this.

The reason for asking is I'm documenting setup and installation of
Kicksecure, a new security-focused Linux distribution by Whonix
developers for my Google Season of Docs project. Kicksecure comes with
tor-transport-tor installed by default.






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