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Re: sound header

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, The Greene Family wrote:

>Since I have not recieved any objections to the current plans, I will be
>releasing a header file soon.  I have already been workin on mixer
>functions (such as volume et cetera. )  I also have a couple people who
>have contacted me about helping with sound, working on some things.

Somehow I don't think that an API specification and design is covered by
'one headerfile'. I think more designing with paper and pen is needed. The
relationships between objects and classes, dataflow, events and so on need
a tiny little bit more design than one 1kB document and a headerfile. If
these parts are designed badly nobody will use it and go straight with the
libraries 'sound' will be wrapping.

This is not meant as a flame, but sometimes this kind of stuff needs more
planning. I use to do too fast decisions myself, and later suffer the
consequences and regret the bad planning.

Just some comments....

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