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Re: Here it is!

> No, not kernel modules.   What I meant by drivers was a generic term,
> meaning accessing the ports and stuff to set up the DMA transfers on the
> card et cetera like back in the dos days (believe me, it's not to hard...)
> That idea is backburner now, I'm concentrating on OSS and ALSA interfacing.

That is a driver, regardless of whether it runs in kernel or user space. 
And while programming a DAC in DOS for a Sound Blaster compatible was not
hard, writing drivers for a dozen chipsets to run on a half dozen kinds of
hardware is a little more complicated.

I realize that this isn't until v2 in your plan, but regardless, it's a
waste of time. ALSA would beat your implementation, both in diversity and
speed. When you get to your v2 plans, if you really want to write sound
drivers, head over to ALSA.

Justin Bradford