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Re: Here it is!

The Greene Family wrote:

>>Do you know GGI's "target" concept? LibGGI for example supports XLib,
>>fbcon, kgi, DGA, svgalib, aalib etc as targets. That means you draw to a
>>GGI surface and LibGGI translates the stuff for the best target available.
>>PSound sould have OSS and ALSA as targets. And later also DirectSound etc
>I had not thought about it that way,  but, it sounds like a good idea.

Have a look at the LibGGI docs (somewhere on www.ggi-project.org). It's
really a nice concept.

>BTW, what is our liscensing in use currently? GPL? LGPL? Our own?

Not 100% decided. LGPL or something more liberal. If possible a widely
accepted license.


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