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Re: Documentation methology

Nicholas Lee wrote:

>A document similar to the method described here:
>with an example here:
>Might be of some use to focusing parts of the project since are under
>developed at the moment.

Looked through it. It's really nice. But it's simply unrealistic trying to
use this method as-is for PPlay. It's too much work. But a scaled-down
version should be possible - and beneficial.

The SSS and the SRSes should be merged, e.g. by having datasets like this:

ID:        12345
Subystem:  PakFile mechanism
Short:     It has to be possible to generate PakFiles via PenguinFile API
Long:      Some situations require a PakFile to be built from within the
           game / the installer etc (e.g. creating custom PakFiles at
           installation time that fit into the chosen install size).
Status:    No code yet

I think we can leave out the STD and the qualification type because in 99%
of the cases it's pretty obvious from the description of an item whether it
needs testing and how this is done best.



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