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PFile update

Ok, with the exception of ppfPrintF(), ppfVFPrintF() and ppfScanF() all
functions of the stdio clone API are now implemented (I hope I didn't miss
Not all of them really work for pakfiles, because the neccessary backend
code isn't in place yet (they simply return an error in most of those

ppfClearErr() and ppfError(): Error markers for PakFile streams are in
place, but they are not set on errors yet. That means ppfError() will
always report "no error" for pakfile streams and ppfClearErr() will simply
do nothing on them.

ppfWrite(), ppfPutC(), ppfPutS(): The PakFile writing code is not in the
library yet. Those functions will return an error when fed with pakfile

ppfUnGetC(): I'll implement it when I completely understand what this thing
should do...

ppfFlush(), ppfSetVBuf(), ppfSetBuf(): pakfile streams are not seperately
buffered yet. I'll have to dive a bit more into that subject before I
implement it.

All other functions should work as expected on both plain and pakfile



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