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PPlay Release

I think it would be good to make a PenguinPlay release (0.0.1 or so) soon.
We shouldn't wait for all parts to have useful code, as we have already
useful code in the Net/2d/File parts. Waiting for the other parts would
mean letting this useful code lie around unused for quite some time.

IMHO the first "release" should contain:

* Penguin2D, providing the complete functionality of libggi
* Zombie. It would be nice to have it integrated in our build system, but
  having it as seperate package would be also ok for this first release.
* PenguinFile. The current version (+ some fixes) should be best for this,
  as (1) the ppfPrintF() etc functions are so fsckingly hard to implement
  due to the variable parameter lists and (2) the next backend changes
  require some major work.

Documentation for these three is also pretty complete.

PenguinSound won't be ready so soon (-> next release) and PenguinInput is
still stagnating.

Any Vetos?


PS: Jan, are you subscribed to the main PPlay list? We need your voice on
the license issue. So far everyone voted for X.


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