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Re: PPlay Release

No veto here.  Do we need an Input team lead? or what?


At 02:52 PM 4/14/99 +0200, you wrote:
>I think it would be good to make a PenguinPlay release (0.0.1 or so) soon.
>We shouldn't wait for all parts to have useful code, as we have already
>useful code in the Net/2d/File parts. Waiting for the other parts would
>mean letting this useful code lie around unused for quite some time.
>IMHO the first "release" should contain:
>* Penguin2D, providing the complete functionality of libggi
>* Zombie. It would be nice to have it integrated in our build system, but
>  having it as seperate package would be also ok for this first release.
>* PenguinFile. The current version (+ some fixes) should be best for this,
>  as (1) the ppfPrintF() etc functions are so fsckingly hard to implement
>  due to the variable parameter lists and (2) the next backend changes
>  require some major work.
>Documentation for these three is also pretty complete.
>PenguinSound won't be ready so soon (-> next release) and PenguinInput is
>still stagnating.
>Any Vetos?
>	Christian
>PS: Jan, are you subscribed to the main PPlay list? We need your voice on
>the license issue. So far everyone voted for X.
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