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Re: PPlay Release

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>I guess that depends on your target market, but Pengiunplay has stated
>>that it wishes to although commerical developers use of our libraries.
>I know. But, it will take a while before commercial devlopers want to use
>PP. It has to contain something first, and then mature a little bit. So,
>until that happens I really think that whatever license which allows
>people on the net to tinker with PP is fine.

The problem is that for changing the license you need the "Ok" from every
single contributor. And as I hope that we get more contributors, that means
changing licenses will get more and more difficult.

>Personally I think efforts should spent be on planning, developing,
>coding, testing and building samples, _not_ discussing a future license.

Well, unfortunately a bad license choice can make all coding effort void.
If we have the best code in the world but people (the commercial ones in
our case) can't use it because of our license, we're in a kinda sh*tty
situation, right?



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