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Re: PPlay Release

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>>Artistic- or BSD-licenses. Changing the license in every file should
>>basically be a big 'find' with a little bit of 'sed' thrown in, but
>>currently I have more important things to do, such as try to figure out
>>what 'autoconf' really does... :-)
>If you decide to integrate Zombie into the PPlay tree I can do the autoconf
>stuff for you ;)

There really isn't that much that 'autoconf' will need to do. It will need
to check for the existence of some apps (for building the documentation),
as well as Qt (and soon KDE) för some (so far one) sample. Some
directories also need to be checked, such as where logs, scripts etc are
placed, but that can be supplied by the user at './configure'-time.

Personally I think autoconf seems in this case be harder and more
error-prone than doing some simple shell-scripting in the Makefile:s... 

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