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Re: PPlay Release

Nicholas Lee writes:
 > On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, The Greene Family wrote:
 > > A friend of mine might possibly be interested in sample programs.
 > Excellent.  See Adrian's request a little before xmas for some
 > suggestions.  
OK, I'm in favour.  Actually, about that thing with 2d working...
The 2d stuff in CVS works.  Yes, sort of.  What is on my hard
disk does not compile, and will not till I have done a fair bit
of work on it.  I have been, and will continue to be bogged dow,,
pg2d work has ground down badly.  However, this weekend I have a
bit of a window (i.e. the only assignment is CS207, Unix and
Software Engineering:) ).  So I should be able to get it to compile
and run the demo again.  After that, I will leave pg2d is semi-freeze
and basically only fix things necassary to get a demo game going.

In fact, I think we must concentrate more on an easy but non trival
demo game, instead of the actual pplay release which it will come
with.  This way we ourselves will get some sense of focus, which is
what we always lacked.

Since linuxgames seems badly sick, I think we should ignore those
efforts do our very own demo.  I think I talked earlier about
a platform game.