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Re: Liscensing again: PPlay Releae

 > >Personally I think efforts should spent be on planning, developing,
 > >coding, testing and building samples, _not_ discussing a future license.
 > Well, unfortunately a bad license choice can make all coding effort void.
 > If we have the best code in the world but people (the commercial ones in
 > our case) can't use it because of our license, we're in a kinda sh*tty
 > situation, right?
OK, I think we are reasonably happy on this frong anyway.  Since no
one here has any philosphical objects to using a weaker license like
X, we can put pg2d under it, and it is easy to reliscense later.
(And if anyone doesn't like it,  then they can fork the project
and both sides can have the license they want).

The only remaining problem is Zombie.  Well, it might be OK
too, depending on which bits are GPL and which are LGPL and
what the LGPL actually says.  Alternatively Jan could
give special permission to "combine" it with PPlay (depending
on how Zombie ontributions are done I guess).  Or he could
relicense it.