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Re: PPlay Release

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

> > Excellent.  See Adrian's request a little before xmas for some
> > suggestions.  
> >  
> >
>OK, I'm in favour.  Actually, about that thing with 2d working...
>The 2d stuff in CVS works.  Yes, sort of.  What is on my hard
>disk does not compile, and will not till I have done a fair bit
>of work on it.  I have been, and will continue to be bogged dow,,
>pg2d work has ground down badly.  However, this weekend I have a
>bit of a window (i.e. the only assignment is CS207, Unix and
>Software Engineering:) ).  So I should be able to get it to compile
>and run the demo again.  After that, I will leave pg2d is semi-freeze
>and basically only fix things necassary to get a demo game going.

[Nick: Yes, now I remember :)]

Uni starts for me in 2 weeks and PFile needs some more fixes before a
release (plus some other things eating up my time), but I'll see what I can
do. Perhaps adding some missing libggi functionality (should be mostly
relatively simple wrappers, right?) or writing docs (now that I have some
basic experience with docbook ;).
Where's Test.cc? In my cvs tree it's missing (ok, I haven't updated ppg2d
for some time now..). For writing docs I'd need some well commented example
showing the absolute basics.

>In fact, I think we must concentrate more on an easy but non trival
>demo game, instead of the actual pplay release which it will come

Hmmm, how will we do input processing? PenguinInput is nonexisting. "Raw"
libgii calls?



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