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Re: PPlay Release

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>Well, it's mainly two points. First, I know it permits linking of LGPL'd
>>code to proprietary code - but after reading through it I can't tell you

>commercial apps that should be fine, I think? Lets stop this silly
>discussion right here and do something constructive. I think there should

Well, actually we *are* doing something constructive. Adrian fixed the
serious bugs in ppg2d, I (almost) completed the PFile stdio-API and am now
adding directory reading functionality (while trying to get into libggi and
ppg2d again) and Derek is busy designing the PSound API.
The point is that talking about licenses takes perhaps a few minutes, but
that's it.

But you're right. Deciding on a license isn't top priority now. It's just
something that should be done as early as possible in a project's life.

>starting to feel quite unwelcome here, so maybe I should drop out of
>PP entirely? Less fights that way.

I apologize if we somehow made you feel unwanted. It's great to have you
with us. Really. We just tried to get that license problem out of the world
(expr?) and perhaps we lacked some tact. If you feel we're trying to seize
control over Zombie or something like that, please tell us.


PS: I skimmed through our ABOUT file again - would you like to be listed as
PPlay developer?

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